"Michel is young, only thirteen; a dreamer but perceptive. Michel lives with his mother, Pauline, a well-known banana wholesaler in their area of Voungou, and the man he calls his father, Papa Roger. Papa Roger is polygamous and has fathered many children. He listens to the radio avidly.


It’s 1977, a complex time: Michel learns communist songs in school, ethnic tensions are palpable in the community and the radio channel Voix de la révolution Congolaise crackles in the air. Papa Roger listens to the radio avidly.


One day, Michel and his family hear that President Marien Ngouabi has been assassinated in Brazzaville. With this news, their lives are shaken to core. Power is seized by a military coup and divisions between north and south, as well as within their family, threaten to deepen and throw them all into the chasm."—Johannesburg Review of Books


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Monday February 25
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